Educate and Inspire

Is your organization looking for an interesting and educational
health talk or a workshop for your employees or clients?
Book me - I’ll come and talk to your people. 


With the vast selection of topics I have to offer, everyone in your organization will benefit. That said, if you require a customized presentation, I can accommodate that as well.


How are my talks different?


My intention for each talk is to transform the way the people view and understands healthy living and eating and to deliver information that is applicable the moment the presentation is over.


I like talking about the importance of healthy eating and

how to make it delicious and fun.


While I enjoy inspiring people to make changes in their diets,

I will not bore your crowd by going through endless facts about why

veggies are good for you, and fast food is not

(we all know that already, right?)


Instead, I will focus on things that actually help people

apply that knowledge in their lives.


In every talk, I will uncover the real barriers, both internal and external, that are standing between knowing how to live a healthy lifestyle and actually doing it.


I am a peoples’ person. I enjoy being in front of an audience and sharing my extensive experience and knowledge of healthy eating and living.

My talks are value-packed and interactive.
I use powerful questioning to encourage learning and thinking; to provoke people to look at their own lives and to get valuable insights.
Audience members always leave with many new insights and actionable ideas.