How I am Different from a Dietician or a Nutritionist?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The majority of people genuinely assume that “a diet + willpower“ is the only recipe for eating habits change and don't quite understand what Eating Behaviour and Habit Change Coach / Eating Psychology Coach does. So let me explain it to you. Dieticians, Nutritionists and I have the same end goal - we want to help people eat healthier. But we do it very differently as we focus on different stages of the habit change process. Dieticians and Nutritionists focus on Food. I focus on Behaviour. Dieticians and Nutritionists help people by explaining “why, what and how much” they should (or shouldn’t eat) to reach their health and weight goals. I help people with “how” - how to turn intentions and knowledge into actions and results. Because this is where the majority of us gets stuck. Let me give you a few examples of how it looks in life. You return home after a visit to a Dieticians and Nutritionists, you have your personalised meal plan, shopping lists and loads of new recipes, and you start making changes. And for the first few days, you are doing well, but then real life starts getting in the way and habit change process becomes challenging:

  • Busy lifestyle and lack of time make you want to go for your usual, easy (and not so healthy) option.

  • Stress and emotions from problems at work and in relationships make you feel like your favourite food is the only thing that will make you feel better.

  • Even if your new healthy foods taste good, you still very soon start missing your favourite foods.

  • You are tempted by "not so healthy" foods everywhere you go - shops, cafes, restaurants, your office.

  • Seeing other people eating and drinking whatever they want, whenever they want and how much they want triggers feelings of unfairness and deprived deprivation.

  • You get tired of thinking about making healthy choices and just want to relax and eat without thinking.

Can you relate? And if you go back to your Dietician or Nutritionist asking for help, what you get is “try harder” and “just do it”. Because Dieticians and Nutritionists are experts in food and how our bodies interact with it, not in human behaviour. So if you find yourself knowing what to do, but not having results, if “try harder” and “just do it” approaches do not work for you, you will benefit from working with someone like me, because:

  • I will be able to help you to understand how your eating behaviour works; Why you can’t seem to change your eating habits; What gets in the way of you turning your intention and knowledge into actions and results.

  • I will help you to transform your mindset and your relationship with food.

  • You will get an action plan, tools and techniques that will help you to deal with low motivation, weak willpower and self-sabotage, cravings and temptations, emotional eating and overeating.

Very different from what Dieticians and Nutritionists do, right? So, I hope now you have a better idea of how my work is different from what Dieticians or Nutritionists do. And if you have any questions please feel free to email them to me at, I will be happy to answer them.

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