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Why Psychology of Eating

If you listen to the conversation about Healthy Eating that is happening in the world, you will notice that it’s mostly focused on Food - foods that are good for us, foods that are not good for us, different dieting trends, meal plans, recipes, etc.

But if you look at the eating process, it’s not just about food!

There are two players there - one of them is Food and the other one is Human.

And the Food is, actually, a passive participant. Food, doesn’t matter how healthy or not it is, will not do any good or harm to your body unless you grab and eat it.

It's us Humans who are good-makers or trouble-makers when it comes to eating.

So wouldn’t it make sense, in conversation about Healthy Eating, to turn some part of our attention onto ourselves - to learn more about our eating behaviour, understand what drives and shapes it, and even more important, how we can manage it.

The truth is

Changing Eating Habits is a question of Psychology

as much as Nutrition.

We need nutritional knowledge, because to do better, we need to know what is better for us.

But the assumption, that we will do better once we know what is better is, unfortunately, often not true for human psychology and behaviour. We all know it very well , humans often chose to do things that are opposite to what we know is good for us. For example:

  • We know that it's better for us to quench our thirst with water, but we pick up a sugary drink;

  • We know that vegetables good for us, but we choose to have a side of pasta instead;

  • We know that we should snack on something healthy, like fruit or nuts, but we buy chips, cookies or chocolate;

  • We know that we shouldn't eat too much late at night, but we can't stop ourselves from making trips to the fridge;

  • Etc.

Learning about Eating Psychology will help you to understand how your Eating Behaviour works, what gets in the way of turning your intentions and knowledge to actions and results, and how to make yourself to want to make healthy choices. How to remove the struggle from habit change and make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.

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