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Relationship with Food

As an Eating Psychology Coach I am deeply passionate about helping people have healthy and happy relationships with food.

Our lives are too precious to spend it fighting with our bodies and food.

Food and our bodies are not something we should be fighting against.

Our relationship with food is one of the most important and intimate relationships in our lives. Just look at it.

Everything and everyone in our lives comes and goes,

while food accompanies us from the very first moments of our lives

unit the very last day.

Every day, in fact, a few times per day, we put food into our bodies

where it becomes a part of.

We depend on food for survival and health.

It’s our fuel and our building material.

Our health and quality of our lives largely depends on the food we eat.

Food is supposed to support our lives.

Eating should give us Health and Energy to live our lives to the fullest, not to shorten our lives.

Our Relationship with Food should be a source of nourishment and pleasure, not health issues, stress, frustration, guilt and hopelessness.

So, as an Eating Psychology Coach, I want to help people to transform complicated relationship with food into easy and enjoyable ones.

To help them stop fighting with their body and appetite, and create peace of mind, ease and confidence around food.

To Break attachment to foods that are not good for you and fall in love with healthy eating.

I stand for people being excited about “all you can BE”, not “all you can EAT”.


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