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Help! I Can't Stay Motivated!

“It’s not that we can’t find a solution, it’s that we don’t really understand the problem.”

This is one of my favourite quotes and today I want to use it to look at the topic of Motivation.

I am sure you heard this popular motivational saying before - “If you know your Why, you will figure out the How”.

But why is it then, for so many people, who seem to have their Why, that Why is not working for them?…

They still struggle to start changing their behaviour. Or, they lose it quickly when faced with temptation or when life gets busy.

The truth is, the majority doesn’t REALLY know the exact reasons behind their flaky motivation. They MIGHT THINK THEY KNOW and say something like “I am lazy”, “I am not organised”, “I don’t have discipline”, “I like to eat”, “I am too busy”, etc. - but THESE ARE NOT REAL REASONS why you can’t get and stay motivated!

These are LABELS we used to use to rationalise our experience with poor motivation.

And another truth is, that we can’t change what we don’t know or don’t understand.

If you don’t know the exact reasons that cause your experience, you can’t effectively change it.

For example, an IT technician can’t fix an issue with your computer if they understand what’s causing it. A Doctor can’t effectively treat a health issue if they don’t understand what exactly causes it.

Makes sense?

Well, the same goes for Motivation!

If you don’t understand what exactly causes poor motivation, you can’t come up with an effective strategy for fixing it. All you can do is try some random approaches, hoping that somehow it will work.

Would you give your computer to an IT person or a Doctor who takes a random approach?

Why do you keep approaching your Motivation that way?

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