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Motivation is not something we have, it is something we do.

Yes, finding your motivation is only one half of the success, the other half is knowing how to keep yourself motivated.

Losing your motivation from time to time is actually very normal.

Don’t take the loss of motivation personal - it says nothing about what kind of person you are or your abilities to change!

All it says is that you have a lot going on in your life (be that internally or externally) and many things are demanding your time, attention and energy, your focus kips shifting from one important thing to another and your motivation for healthy eating gets pushed to the back.

So just because you know your Why’s, don’t expect your motivation to be solid all the time, instead learn how to stay connected (or re-connect) with that feeling of importance, inspiration, drive, etc. when life gets busy and stressful.

Which is exactly what I will be teaching at the upcoming workshop this Sunday. Contact me for details if interested.