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Qualitarian - My Approach to Healthy Eating

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

I often get asked if I am a Vegetarian (many still associate healthy eating with not eating meat). And the answer is, no I am not, I am a QUALITARIAN.

I do believe that a variety of plant foods is the foundation of a healthy diet (in my case it’s probably close to 80%), but animal products have their unique nutritional properties too, and absolutely have their rightful place in a healthy diet. 

The key to a healthy diet is not removing certain food groups (except for the situations when a person has a health condition that is triggered or worsened by certain foods, ie allergies, intolerances, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, etc), but keeping it balanced while focusing on getting your nutrients from the highest quality foods available in your situation - nutritious, unprocessed, fresh, whole foods, even better if it’s organic and locally grown or raised, no hormones and antibiotics. And prepare that food in a way that enhances the flavour without losing its goodness. 

One of my cornerstone believes about food is that it should be a source of nourishment and pleasure, not deprivation, frustration, stress and health issues. 

Would love to hear about your approach to eating and questions.