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There are No Lazy People, just Invisible Barriers.

Can you think of the last time laziness got in the way of your healthy lifestyle?

Maybe you felt too lazy to: * search for new healthy recipes, * shop for healthy foods, * make a healthy meal or meal prep, * exercis,

* etc

Laziness is something everyone struggles with to a varying degree and nobody likes that frustrating feeling of wasted time and failure when we let laziness win…

We don’t like feeling lazy, we try to push through it, but it’s not easy, right? Why is that?

The challenge of dealing with laziness stems from seeing laziness as a character trait, an inherent weakness we feel bad about.

Thinking of laziness that way and using it to explain our (or others) behaviour is practically unless - it offers no effective solution…. all you can do when feeling lazy is a struggle and push yourself hard.

To get better at overcoming laziness we need to start seeing it for what it is - a symptom, not a cause.

Would you like to be able to see a bigger picture, identify hidden reasons behind the feeling of laziness and learn effective strategies for getting on top of your laziness?

If yes, stay tuned for an announcement of my next talk “Why don't I do what I want to do?"

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