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What Happens When You Ignore Psychology Of Eating.

Ignoring psychology and behavioural science when trying to change eating habits, is the same as ignoring the laws of physics when trying to build something - the whole thing will fall apart very quickly.

You can have a perfect nutrition plan, but if your habit-building strategy is not considering all the forces that drive and shape your eating behaviour, if you don’t know how to make your new habits to withstand the inner-resistance, temptations, drop of motivation, self-sabotage, social and cultural influence, stress and emotional storms, following that plan long term will not be easy and new habits you are trying to build will fall apart eventually.

Don’t be a naive (or ignorant) habit architect, it’s time to admit that there is more to eating behaviour change than just following a meal plan.

Start educating yourself about factors that affect your eating behaviour and consider them in your habit change strategy.

I love helping people to become educated and smart habit architects.

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