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When free information about healthy eating is easily available, why would anyone choose to pay for coaching?
The reasons are many!
See if this is what you are missing.

If you leave home in the morning with the intention of going somewhere, but your destination is unclear, you will be aimlessly wandering the streets. Chances are that by the end of the day, you will be lost, tired, and annoyed.
Clarity is power! It brings ease and peace in a process, clearing space for your actions.
And focus allows you to reach your destination much faster. 

I will help you to determine exactly where you want to be. Together, we’ll create a detailed map so you can focus your energy on getting there.


Nutrition knowledge is constantly evolving and there are many controversial topics and contradictory theories out there. Most of the information you’ll find is very general – that's why people experience so much confusion over health and nutrition. In this case, context is everything (Remember bio-individuality?)!

The problem with most diet books is that they do not honour the individual - your personality, your food history, your set of circumstances, your health, current lifestyle, preferences, etc.

You can’t build a sustainable plan for changing your life when you are not considering your life!

I will spend time listening and getting to know you, so we can choose the best strategies that will suit you and your life!


I can help you to see what you are missing, to identify your blind spots and inner barriers that are on the way of you achieving your goals.
I will help you to figure out what you don’t know, and point out the things you may not be able to see. 


In any learning experience, raw information – even really good raw information – doesn't translate to a specific outcome. You have to put it in order.

My coaching sessions and programs are well-structured to give you the highest chance of creating results in your life. 


Sometimes we need someone to believe in us before we can believe in ourselves. As your coach, my role is to hold the vision you have for yourself and your life and keep it alive. I never judge or shame. I will always get to the point with compassion and clarity, which will allow you to get what you need when you need it.


Have you ever broken a commitment you made to yourself?

Yes, we all have done it many times.

Ironically, human beings are not encouraged to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves.

We typically keep our commitments to others more easily than to yourself. The truth is, sometimes you feel motivated and sometimes you don't. So, it’s not effective to rely on ever-changing motivation to create lasting habits. Accountability makes it easier for you to start and follow through with new habits until they become a new normal.


If you value your time and don't want to spend months researching and figuring everything out on your own. 

I have most effective tried and tested knowledge and strategies for you. 
We can meet face-to-face in your office or mine.

Or if you prefer to save travel time and be in the comfort of your own home, phone or Skype works great too.

I keep things interesting and impactful whichever route we take.

Are you starting to see how you might benefit from personal health coaching?

If you have any questions I would love to answer them. 

Email me at 

or click the button below to request an initial consultation.





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