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Healthy Eating Behaviour
Let me show you how to work together with them
to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable. 
How long have you been trying to change your eating habits?
6 months, 2 years, forever?

If you already have a decent amount of nutritional knowledge,
but still find healthy eating difficult

Your busy life doesn't leave much time and energy for healthy eating.
Your motivation and willpower are not strong enough to withstand the temptations that are all around you.

Resistance from family and friends.

Cultural norms, social influence and food pushing make healthy eating frustrating.
Your life keeps throwing in stressful and emotional situations, and food is the only thing that makes you feel better quickly.
Nutritional Knowledge

More nutritional facts and recipes will not help you!


Because dealing with

* Lack of Time 
* Procrastination
* Fluctuating Motivation and Poor Willpower
* Self-Sabotage
* Emotional & Stress Eating
* Social and Cultural Resistance and Pressure

Is not about how much you know about nutrition. 

It's about understanding
what drives your eating behaviour.

The truth is that our eating behaviour is shaped

not by one or two factors but

by multiple groups of factors at once.

Typically, 1-2 of these are quite apparent,

while other ones are hidden from our awareness,

acting as blind spots.

What makes us eat

Focusing solely on the immediately obvious factors without addressing the blind spots

results in continued resistance and

a reversion to old behaviours.

Trying to improve your eating habits without understanding all underlying factors is akin to a doctor attempting to treat a disease without

a proper diagnosis.

Just as accurate diagnosis is key to effective medical treatment, a clear understanding of the myriad factors influencing your eating behaviour is essential for creating lasting changes.

Eating Behaviour Change Coach - Tatiana Kuvardina
Hi, my name is Tatiana.
I am an Eating Behaviour Change Coach.

To eliminate frustration and break free from unwanted habits, you need guidance and support
from someone who understands the beautiful intricacies of human eating behaviour and
your unique relationship with food.

Let me be your guide through the fascinating world of eating behaviour, helping you become a healthy and happy eater. 

Together, we will turn your challenges into opportunities for gaining deeper self-understanding and unlocking powerful insights that will propel you towards
lasting positive change.

1. Insightful Uncovery

Full Picture Approach - eating behaviour change
​No more “I don’t know why I keep doing that!”

The best way to improve your self-control is to figure out how and why you lose it.

I will help you uncover all blind spots and gain a complete understanding of the
underlying dynamics at play.

​A comprehensive perspective is what will enable us to make informed decisions and effectively address everything that gets in the way, helping you break free from unwanted behaviours and achieve lasting and sustainable transformation.

2. Integrated Approach

Integrated Approach for eating habits change
Knowing that challenges with healthy eating are created by
multiple bio-psycho-social factors
calls for consideration of an integrated approach in addressing them.

To ensure that my clients achieve the best possible and sustainable results, I incorporate multiple perspectives, principles and tools from various fields: Mind-Body Nutrition, Psychology of Eating, Cognitive-Behavioural Psychology, Intuitive & Mindful Eating, Transformational Coaching Method

This unique approach allows me to see through many layers of your challenges with food and deal with them in a systematic way.

3. Personalisation

Personalized approach - health and eating behaviour change coaching
Sustainable transformation requires considering all aspects of your life. 
My approach involves comprehensive assessments and a blend of techniques from various fields, offering a personalized coaching experience tailored to each client's unique context. 

Factors like personality, food history, health, social and cultural background, lifestyle, and preferences are integral in crafting an effective, individualized life plan. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all program but a customized, holistic journey, offering support, guidance, and strategies uniquely suited to you.

Move beyond surface-level solutions,

dig deep to discover the underlying causes of your challenges with healthy eating and begin your journey towards smarter, more effective change.


a comprehensive analysis of your eating habits designed

to pinpoint the exact factors behind your healthy eating challenges

and equip you with tailor-made recommendations

for tackling these issues and paving the way for a lasting change

and a healthy and happy relationship with food.

Healthy Cooking

Don't wait for your feelings to change to take the action.
Take action, and your feelings will change.

(Barbara Baron)

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