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A Glimpse Into My Past and My Path That Made Me The Eating Behaviour Change Coach I Am Today.

Tatiana Kuvardina - My Journey - My past and my path that made me the coach I am today.

Seeing me now, some might think, “She's one of those naturally healthy eaters. What does she know about challenges with food?!” That's why I want to share my story because my journey to where I am today took me through many challenges that might echo some of yours. 

🥞🍔🍦 The Early Days.

I grew up in a family where comfort food was the answer to everything, and the awareness of the food-health connection was absolutely non-existent. 

Healthy eating is something I had to start learning about when I was 16, overweight and began to develop some health issues.

📈📉📈 Weight Struggles.

I’ve been through the full spectrum of weight challenges. 

I was heavy and experienced the physical and emotional burdens that come with it. 

Then, I went too far, becoming very rigid with my diet and excessively thin, escaping Anorexia by a thin margin, and dealing with health and mental struggles that come with it. 

This was followed by years of exploring what it means to have a truly holistic and healthy balance and creating my own. 

🫤🤭🙄 Social Pushback.

Being surrounded by family and friends who weren't interested in healthy eating meant that my attempts to eat healthier faced a lot of pushback and I had to figure out how to navigate eating with others with confidence and ease and how to balance my health and social life.

👩🏼‍💻🏢 ⏰ Corporate Life.

For many years, I had a corporate career with a hectic schedule, team lunches, and client dinners, where healthy eating often tends to take a back seat. 

But I didn’t want to compromise my health for workplace success or vice versa. I learned how to prioritize self-care even amidst a busy schedule and make healthy eating convenient and enjoyable.

😫🍫 🤦🏼‍♀️ Emotional Eating.

And like everyone, I face daily stresses and emotional triggers that used to derail my healthy eating habits. 

I broke free from emotional eating by discovering healthier and more meaningful ways to take care of my mind and emotions and developed a mindset that allows me to maintain inner balance in times of stress and trying moment. 

This journey, coupled with my professional education, led me to become the coach I wish I had – someone who empathizes with the highs and lows of changing eating habits and understands the intricate nature of human eating behaviour. 

If you're seeking guidance from someone who has walked in your shoes and can expertly navigate the nuances of eating behaviour change, you're in the right place. I'm here to help you create a relationship with food that is healthy, balanced, and uniquely yours 💚.

Book your free call and let's talk!



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