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“I Love Food Too Much to Eat Healthier". Embracing Healthier Eating Without Losing the Joy of Food.

young woman who loves food is eating pizza

Have you ever found yourself thinking, 'I love food too much to eat healthily'? Where do you go from here? 

Feeling that way, some simply give up on the idea of changing. Others try to forcefully push through their love for food with willpower, resenting every bite of healthy food, hoping that one day they will somehow get used to it.

Let’s dissect this statement and examine 3 main limiting beliefs that are hiding behind it hindering the process of change.

Limiting Belief #1: Healthy Eaters Love Food Less.

This belief stems from a narrow view of what it means to "love food." 

Commonly, loving food is equated with indulging in rich, often unhealthy dishes. However, just like any other eater, healthy eaters deeply appreciate the flavours, quality, and nutritional value of food - a different but equally passionate form of food love. The defining difference is they eat with pleasure, not for pleasure, respecting the food and their body rather than abusing it.

Limiting Belief #2: Healthier Eating Means Less Flavourful Food.

The perception that healthy food is not as tasty really comes from a lack of exposure to a variety of healthy foods prepared in a delicious way.

Healthy food, much like any other type of food, is not inherently bland; it exists on a spectrum of taste that is largely determined by how it is prepared. Just as the most basic ingredients can be transformed into a culinary masterpiece with the right techniques and flavours, healthy food can be exceptionally delicious when prepared thoughtfully. 

Healthy eating doesn't mean sacrificing flavour; it's about exploring new ways to make nutritious food both tasty and satisfying. 

It's not about compromising on taste but rather discovering new flavours and textures in a healthful context.

Limiting Belief  #3: Healthier Eating Equals Eating Less.

The willingness and ability to stop eating when comfortably full, rather than overeating, is often misinterpreted as a lesser love for food. 

This belief is rooted in the idea that the greatest enjoyment of eating comes from consuming food to excess, especially when it's tasty. 

However, the moderation inherent in healthy eating is not about denying oneself pleasure; rather, it's about finding joy in feeling just right, not overfull. It's a mindful approach and a form of satisfaction that honours the body’s cues for fullness and contributes to long-term well-being. 

Healthy eating is less about reducing the quantity and more about savouring each bite, then happily shifting focus to other enjoyable activities in life.

Do you see my point? 

How do you deal with it?

The first step in getting unstuck and paving a path to a healthier relationship with food eating is addressing and reshaping these limiting beliefs.

And if you're finding it challenging to do this on your own, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be happy to assist you in uncovering hidden limiting beliefs that might be sabotaging your habit change efforts.


With the right guidance and support, you can transform your approach to food and develop a more nourishing and enjoyable relationship with it. So, if you're ready to take that step and need a helping hand, get in touch. Let's work together to make your journey towards healthier eating not just successful, but also deeply satisfying.

Be Well, Tatiana.



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