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The Relationship Between Nutrition Education and Eating Behaviour Coaching.

Visualisation of the relationship between Nutrition Education and Eating Behaviour Coaching.

Here's a breakdown of how each component contributes to and interacts with the other. 

Nutrition education is about the foundation of knowledge. It provides essential knowledge about what constitutes a healthy diet. It covers the basics of macro- and micronutrients, the importance of various food groups, and the role of nutrition in maintaining good health and preventing diseases. It raises awareness about the benefits of healthy eating and the risks associated with poor dietary choices, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their diet. It offers guidelines on how to plan balanced meals, read food labels, and understand dietary recommendations and nutrient requirements.

Eating behaviour coaching is about the application of knowledge. While nutrition education offers the 'what' and 'why' of healthy eating, eating behaviour coaching focuses on the 'how'. It helps individuals understand what drives and shapes their eating behaviour and what gets in the way of applying the knowledge they have. Develop a mindset and skills that help them deal with hectic schedules, cravings, tempting convenience foods, wavering motivation, procrastination and self-sabotage, stress and uncomfortable emotions, celebrations, family and friends gatherings, holidays, peer pressure, etc.

The synergy between nutrition education and eating behaviour coaching is what makes eating habit changes sustainable over the long term. While education provides the necessary information, coaching ensures that this information is translated into actionable steps that fit into an individual's unique lifestyle and preferences. Together, they address both the cognitive and behavioural aspects of eating, ensuring a holistic approach to nutrition and health.

Knowing what to eat is just the beginning; the ability to implement and maintain these changes amidst the challenges of daily life is where true progress is made!



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