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Who Am I?

Eating Behaviour and Habit Change Coach - Tatiana Kuvardina

Hey everyone! As my journey evolves and this community grows, I think it's time for a re-introduction so those of you who are new here know who I am, what I stand for and what I do.

So, who am I?

My name is Tatiana, and I am an Eating Behaviour Coach (more about that here).

I'm 41, and it’s been just over a year since I moved to Arizona.

I grew up in Russia, and I’ve been lucky to spend an incredible 10 years in Hong Kong and another 5 exciting years in Abu Dhabi.

I'm married to the most amazing, loving, caring, intelligent and funny man.

I can’t wait to become a dog mom one day.

I thrive on social interactions and love organizing events and gatherings.

Authenticity is attractive - being real and honest, with others and ourselves, owning our journey and our uniqueness is the foundation of true confidence.

I am always learning something new, whether it's for advancing my work or just for fun.

Human behaviour is one of the most fascinating topics to me.

I believe that health is the foundation upon which everything else in our lives is built.

Sunrises are the best part of the day for me.

I love yoga and hiking, but I hate running.

Now, over to you.

If you are new here, don’t be shy, say Hi and introduce yourself in the comments.

If you’ve been with me for some time, send me a virtual hug and, in a couple of words, share where/how we met.

And most importantly, stick around and enjoy this journey with me!



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